Why does he feel the need to tell me evveerryything he's up to?

This guy and I had an "almost" relationship... it ended in a lot of fighting because he told me that he didn't think he liked me and then some time later he changed his mind and said that he did! very confusing.

anywho, we're trying to be friends... but it's been really awkward. he'll text me and say hey how are you? and then it turns into "I'm doing this, I'm up to blah blah blah, I'm hanging out with these friends, I'm with this girl blah blah" Idk, it just seems odd that he tells me so much. am I looking into this wayy too much?


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  • He probably doesn't know what to share with you. Since he likes you he thinks it's O.K to share everything with you. Take it as a good thing.

    • ohh... really though? I feel like when we talk I'm trying so hard to keep in casual. He really hurt me. And all of the changing his mind about whether or not he liked me. idk. it was weird. but now whenever we chat he tells me so many details about what he's up to. like that he's sitting around drinking with his friends playing a game and they're in their boxers. not sure I needed to know all of that ha. probably just wanted to give me a visual haha. you think he likes me though?

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    • You wouldn't know if you haven't try. Rather than wondering and regretting maybe you should try and take a chance. If it works then it'll be something great no? If it fails then you have another adventure to tell your kids or add to your life story. In the end you have something that makes you unique. You were that girl who fought for a boy. IMO it's a win win situation for you. Nothing to lose.

    • Good point! My mom always told me not to chase boys... ha ha this might be worth it! Or not! oh man. maybe I'll just get him on the phone and ask him! after flirting with him for a bit... haha

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  • Maybe he doesn't have that many friends?

    • I'm pretty sure he has wayyy more friends than I do. I don't know though. I am so confused. I'm trying to keep our conversations really light and hearing every detail of what he's up to makes me kind of... jealous maybe? idk

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  • It sounds like he may be trying to figure out if you are still interested in him.That doesn't necessarily mean he wants to date you though,he might just want validation for himself.Or to just have you on the backburner.If he hurt your feelings by not even knowing if he wants to be with you,MOVE on from him.There are other guys who are more decisive out there,and would love to be with you in the drop of a hat. That's maybe what you should be seeking.

    • I think he wanted to be with me, he just wasn't sure if I liked him so he backed out. I think he's still trying to figure out if I like him. I just don't know how this is going to work. I don't want to be in a long distance relationship ha

    • Well why wasn't he sure that you liked him?Were you sending signals that said that or...was it just in his head?And if you don't want to be in a long distant relationship,then just don't do it.

    • hmm yeah, I might have been. I definitely don't think a long distance relationship would work... I would like to date him eventually though. who knows, maybe I'll magically meet someone in the next few months and I won't want him anymore ha