How to text girls just as friends?

So I am by no means shy when it comes to face to face talking, but I am just not a big texter, never have been. Even with my close friends I don't nearly text as much as they do.

I notice my one friend is always texting all these girls, and he already has a girlfriend and so I know he's not flirting with them.

Im curious how people text girls just as friends, like how do you just start a conversation, or like how often he's texting them.

We have like the same group of friends but some of the girls he texts , I don't even have their number, though getting their number is not something that would be any trouble for me to do. When I text girls its usually just to plan like a date (not necessarily like a "date", date, but just to like meet up for lunch).

So my question again: What are some tips for texting girls who are just friends, and what type of things do you say? How often do you usually text girls that are friends?

Sorry if this is a bit confusing but I tried to explain it without writing too much.


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  • There is this one guy in particular that I befriended some months ago. When he is not to busy with working and with school he usually just texts, "What's up", or "what are you up to" and some random stuff like what he's doing at that moment. I have a guy I have been friends with for five years, and he always sends me these long messages about his day and asks how I am doing and I reply with a long message as well. What I am getting at here (sorry for the useless anecdote) is that you have to decide what type of friend you want to be with these girls. A long term friend or friend that can eventually become a boyfriend? My friend of five years is definitely deep in the friend zone, I had a crush on him once, but its gone for the earlier friend, I have a huge crush on him...that has a potential to become something more, soon. I say be yourself, but be cool with it. Ask her how she is and ask about her hobbies. Or just call her. Girls like that, too.

    • Thank you very much, this answer was actually perfect and the example helped. All these girls I'm looking to just be friends with except one I'd like to date at some point. So that bit of information at the end was also very helpful.

    • You're welcome, I am glad to help and the best of luck to you with that special girl :)

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