What are the conversation Do's and Don'ts of a first date?

What conversation topics are safe to talk about on a first date, and which ones are absolute no-no's. Also, if the date is with a good friend who already knows a lot about you, how does this change what you can/should talk about?


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  • Do's:


    Light touching

    Compliment only once or twice


    Keep eyecontact

    Talking about movies, music, concerts, parties, travelling or anything fun

    Talking about something common you got if there is(interests, events attended, memories)

    Light humour


    Talking about p*rnography or necrophilia or something like that

    Talking about politics

    Talking about religion

    Talking about murder

    Saying: "Don't you ever leave me now!"

    Saying: "I love you!"

    Threatening to abuse or kill your date

    Burping, farting, talking with full mouth


    Talking about your exes

    Talking about mental disorders or mental asylums

    Being negative


    Raising the tone of the voice, yelling

    Judging or criticizing your date about something or.. anything

    Talking about job

    Saying that all men suck or they all are the same or something like that

    Talking about money

    Talking about how much you want those Manolo Blahnik's despite you already got twelve pairs

    Talking about the problems of your girlfriends

    Talking about your parents

    Talking about marriage and kids

    Complaining about or criticizing other women

    Saying that your date's friends or family are morons

    Being unable to receive a compliment or a gift

    Constantly staring aside, avoiding eye-contact

    Texting or receiving phone calls

    Wearing earphones

    Saying you wanna have some drugs right now

    Saying "I need to take a piss" instead of "Excuse me" when you go to take a piss

    Asking him to hold your handbag

    Asking him to wear a pink T-shirt or "suggesting" to change his haircut

    Always asking him to cover the whole expense of your dates

    Stuff that might be good but you gotta be careful with is:

    Talking about other people

    Talking about the weather

    Saying that you're horny and you wanna sex right now!

    There maybe is more, but that's all I could think of!


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  • dos:

    what kind of things you like to do

    favs [animals,name,etc]

    what you wann do as a career


    things you did that week/day

    you wanna keep things casual..FUNNY if you can..lighth convo..dont be scared to make fun of each other lol





    past relatiosnships/ex bf

    turns offs

    anything too sexual [mighth think your a slut]

    anything too gross [turn off]

    things you don't like about each other

    in a first date you don't wanna argue about certain ideals..make things awkward..gross...turn him off...put him on his guard..or make him jealous..


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  • Things like shared taste in music, television, and movies are always good bets, as are special hobbies that you like and could potentially share on future dates. Childhood nostalgia is a good one, too. If you already know you share interest in a particular topic, discussion on that is pretty safe, even for traditionally taboo things like religion and politics. It's really all about finding what you have in common, and in order to do that, you have to be willing to share some things that aren't on the surface. If there are any secrets that you feel like sharing (assuming the trust level is there), share them!

    Things to avoid would be anything that has potential to be offensive or depressing. Unless it's extremely relevant and you trust the person enough, I wouldn't drop big, serious bombs about your personal life (I just found out my brother has cancer, my father abused me as a child, that sort of thing).