It's complicated; should i say something?

im in love with my best guy friend and he is in love with me we have never told this to one another but its very obvious and we can sense it. its the way we treat/talk to each other act around each other. we have known each other for 4 and a half years. we met in such a strange way, his cousin was my first boyfriend his cousin did everything wrong and he (my best friend) was there for me the whole time and almost five years later he still is. he says i'm his best friend but he treats me like i'm his girlfriend. and i do the same to him. i recently noticed that he has been sending me hints that he is going to try to make a move soon, but i'm wondering how long this has been going on with out me noticing? how many things have i missed? i'm dying to be with him but i'm so scared because if something bad happens and i loose him i will never ever be the same its super scaryyy! but at the same time i can't wait to be with him any longer! i know he feels the same because he's a total flirt well he used to be but now he doesn't even try to get with any girl anymore and now he acts so shy and nervous around me. how does a girl not fall inlove with a guy who treats her like a princess?! i don't know what to doooo! should i say something?! no right? i should wait for him to say something right? help pleasseee! o_o


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  • You have to think about the risks of your complicated friendship.

    If you guys do get to get together there is a risk of ruining your relationship if you guys don't work out. But if he won't bring it up your going to have to be the one to step up and confront him about it.

    How do you feel about me.

    Am I just a friend to you or am I more than that to you.


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