Should I kiss him?

Theres this guy I like, and he likes me, but we aren't dating. We've kind of settled on being friends with benefits, and he wants me to kiss him at school but I've never kissed a boy at school. it was always at houses and stuff, not in front of other people. & honestly I don't know if he's true, like if he's just playin me or not. idk, but what should I do? and if I should kiss him, how do I go about that at school?


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  • Honestly? The whole 'friends with benefits' part is just a facade for people not to get hurt...

    You on the other hand seem like a person who likes to get closer to someone. Getting hurt sometime is just a big - and important - part of life.

    If you like him more than just friends (withOUT benefits) tell him and he has to decide.

    If you are ok with the benefits part, then I see no reason why you shouldn't kiss him.

    However as mentioned above - you seem like kissing is a bigger part for you (at least when people are around) so that would be an exclusive for a boyfriend would it be?

    • I'm a shy person, and I feel I need to be comfortable with someone and have a certain level of trust to be able to be comfortable doing things in front of people, and if he doesn't want to be my 'boyfriend' than what does that mean?

      i do want to get closer.

      & yeah, I'm actually really afraid of getting hurt by him. I understand that's life but I'm worried that if I do get hurt AGAIN that I won't really trust or put myself out there anymore.

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  • play this on your rules. you are the girl and just because a guy tells you he wants, doesn't mean you have to give. make sense? just tell him not in public, don't be a people pleaser. and if you tell him you like him it will make the whole FWB awkward, and he may feel like you will try to get him into a committed relationship which I don't think he will like.

  • its what's known as PDA, if your willing to use it then you may be surprised at what itll do. try it out, see what happens, but...most likely he's probably thinking he just wants to show you off as a "trophy" and no girl should be shown as something "won"

    • I agreeeee.

      i think I will try it out,

      and if I he does try and "show me off" I'll kick his ass. lol. justkidding.

      but I'm not going to let him treat me like a piece of meat=]

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    • Thankyou

      & I would never intentionally treat a guy like a piece of meat=]

    • Yw, and good, id hope not

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  • do you feel that its a really private thing for you and him to be doing? and you don't want everyones eyes on u? if you wanna kiss him at skool take him somewhere private until you become more comfortable. maybe if you just tell him that then it won't seem so bad. you seem like you hav to be more comfortable with him in order to go that next little step. that's kool at least ur respectng ur feelings.! something a lot of gurls don't know how to do.

    • Thanks.

      and yeah, privacy is a big thing for me, I don't know why.

      & I don't just get comfortable with someone so easily. Some people might think that's stupid or something, but I think its a good thing. a safe thing.

    • That's absolutely not stupid! That's just a pretty good way of thinking I'd say!

      As long as you don't close up to much it's perfectly fine!

    • I'll try not to close up too much,

      thats what I'm kind of scared about too.

      being TOO shy/

  • I think you should ask him to be more than "friends with benefits" its cool at first but its like he wants people to see you guys in school kissing. Not that you should care about what people think but they no your not a couple so maybe you should ask him out like I said and see where it goes from there

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