The first call and first date to a girl (shes my ex-colleague). What are your suggestions?

As per subject, I'm trying to make a call tonight to a girl who attracts me.

Background story:

She's 25, I'm 33.

We used to be colleague from the ex-company that we worked in 2-3 years ago. We did not have any conversation any kind of contact before and untill now., but we have eye contact with no words like 2 years ago in our Christmas party at the excompany, within the eye contact, I made her shy, we had 2-3 seconds looking at each other in the eyes. then she moves her sight away from my eyes and her face looks shy and nervous that moment. I didn't do anything forward, because I don't really like to bring a colleague to a girlfriend.

Like ten days ago, we(all of my old colleagues and she) had a party dinner together, so we both a have a chance to meet again. I was playing poker gambling with all friends together, I was acting confindently, and funny that night, she not joining to our game but she just watching, everyone having fun that night, and also, we have some eye contact during the moment.

The next day I decided to text her by Facebook message, I said: I was quite disapointed that you left early last night, I was about to ask your number, gimme your number! Ha!

That text message was 8 days ago, I decided to make only one short message to her and stop any msging even she did not reply me, supricingly, her text me back with her number and asking me where I'm working right now yesterday! I did not reply her yet(it's been one day), but I'm going to call her for our first date tonight.

Now my questions:

1) any good and interesting suggestions for my first call? And what should I say? I got few dating tips that call has to be short, playful, funny, interesting, sounds positive, but I'm still lack of idea what to say! Pls gimme an example! Thank you!

2) what if she didn't pick up my call but into her voice mail?

3) what do you think how does she feel now?

4) where is the best place to go for our first date base on my situation? I think better be a coffee shop but not dinner or movies, because that can leave it for the second date. We need to recognize each other more first now am I right?

5) any other tips?

Thank you all!


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  • First of all, you seem like a very confident guy who is fun to be with as well. :) She definitely likes you and was waiting for you to make a move on her. Kudos to you for finally taking that step. I also think that you are on the right track right now. To answer your questions, let's start.

    1- It's definitely better to call her than to text her. It makes you look more confident and serious about her. So, just call and say "Thank you for giving me your number. I was so happy to see you that night and I'd love to see you again. What about going to...?" So, yeah, keep it short but fun and interesting. :)

    2- She will pick up the phone. This is why she gave you her humber. She wants you to call. ;) If she didn't, then she is busy or is shy to pick up. Then immediately send her a text saying "Hey, I called you to tell you something important and I think you're busy. Please get to me when you are free. Take care. :)"

    3- I think she feels thriled and happy. I believe she likes you ALOT.

    4- The best place to go out on the first date is somewhere you can talk and get to know each other better. Going to the movies is a bad idea because you will not be able to talk. Go for a walk on the beach (if any) or go for a coffee and snack or a walk in the park, etc...

    5- Yup! Don't forget to dress well, be nice to her but don't excessively compliment her because she will think you are a player. Just be honest and tell her what you like about her and tell her how life treated you those two years. Listen to her as well. Ask her what she has been up to. And at the end of your date (if you like the date) tell her if she'd like to go on another one. :)

    Enjoy! :)

    • Thank you for your analysing ! I think the same way as you do.

      Thank you !

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  • How cute! I really enjoyed your little story, you both sound adorable :)


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