When should I call a girl after getting her number?

So I just got a girls number. Just a random girl I started a conversation with. We had a fun conversation and we texted a little bit after I got her number and left.

But now when should I call? I'm not nervous or anything like that, I'm just curious on what your opinions on this are. I typically wait two days. Should I call after one day instead?

Guys: what seems to work the best for you?

Girls: what would you want...the guy to call after one or 2 days after getting your number? And would it seem like the guy is clingy/too eager if he calls after only one day?


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    Personal story:

    1 - got a girl's number (at work, haha, bad idea).

    2 - left my phone charging at home.

    3 - she texted me and obviously I didn't get it.

    4 - she comes to work looking for me questioning me about why I didn't respond.

    Moral of the story? Be a challenge to the woman. I advice reading some of the articles (from Doc Love) in the askmen.com site.

    • Only problem with that is when you're in college, guys try to pick up girls 24/7. This girl really stood out in her looks so I bet some other guys are trying to get her number to go on a date also. So I feel like if I wait a week, there will be at least 5 other guys flirting with her. If I wait that long I will most likely blend in with the others which can never be a good thing. Only if I stood out as the greatest guy in the world would waiting a week work out.

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  • id only want him to call me and actually move forward in the relationship if I felt some connection and attraction if not don't bother. here is the thing about girls they will complain about anything you called too much too little just call her its better to have tried.

    i like when guys talk to me a lot only if I like them...if not they are annoying.

    • Well I am going to try. That's not the issue. And if there wasn't any connection she wouldn't have given me her number or replied to my texts. so yea...

    • thats true, good luck hopefully she doesn't turn out to be a maniac.

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  • bro watch this


    this is what happens when you call to early.

    • hahaha that's pretty solid. but what is too early? If I get the number on a Sunday, would Tuesday be a good day to call? that was I could set up a date for thurs or Friday (hopefully Friday ;) )

    • yeah just give it 3 to 4 days before making the call.