Online dating - when they respond back but...

So I've just started to do the whole online dating (okcupid) thing and I've message a couple of interesting women. So far the (to be blunt) the less attractive ones would respond back in details and ask questions to keep the conversation going.

But here's my problem.. the ones who responds back (usually the really attractive ones) with a couple of sentences just answering your question but not really trying to keep the conversation going. Does it mean they are not interested? Should I move on or keep on trying to follow up with more questions?


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  • You are already wasting too much time.

    The guys I know who did the best online asked girls out for a drink or coffee with message one. If she's not interested in meeting you based on your profile and a quick note, either she's not into you, or she's just hanging out for attention.

    Stop trying to have a date via e-mail. If you're interested, meet up and see how things are in person.

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