Advice on dating younger men?

I’m in my late 30s, and recently divorced. I have no children.

I’ve recently hit the dating scene again, and I’ve found that it is nearly impossible for me to be attracted to men around my age. I find men who are 5 to 10 years younger much more attractive, more interesting, and more fun to be with. Men around my age have no energy, just want to “settle down” and drink beer, or are just plain boring. I try to use a cougars dating site from a friend of mine who come highly recommended. I upload a photo on the site. I got tons of responses from younger guys on there.

People often get shocked when I tell them my real age. I’ve already been out with a couple of men in their late 20s. Sometimes I think they get turned off by the age difference. Any advice on dating younger men, and how to hold on to them. After having been married for 20 years, I’m a bit rusty when it comes to dating. Also, what’s the best thing to wear to attract them. Please no “you shouldn’t be dating younger men!” answers, I hear this all the time and it makes no sense to me. Thanks.


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  • Older women are great, no hangups about sex, generally no games, and still attractive most of the time.

    So how to do it is just go for it, talk to them, they'll know what's up. And don't worry about it try it a couple of times your flirting will come back with a bit of practise.

    As far as outfits, dress a little more slutty if you want sex,

    dress a sexy but not slutty if you want a relationship.

    Best of luck :)


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  • can someone say COUGAR...mmmeeoww

  • Whatever makes you happy. It's your life...go for it. Just be yourself.

  • Find younger guys at the gym and let them know you're up for a good time heh


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  • I am young looking woman in my 40s who prefers younger guys for the same reasons. The thing you have to remember us that most guys that age are thril seeking and like the allure of an older woman. I would caution you while they look good they are mainly about games. They are still immature and can't truly appreciate a woman who has come to her own. They get intimidated. Now I know realize I'm generalizing but this is true more often than not. So go out have fun but be very careful not to get attached. And be prepared to get dirty looks from younger girls. Lol pay no mind just smile and look away. Happy hunting :)

    • I think it is possible to have a real relationship for an older woman with a younger man, I guess it also depends on how much younger.

    • Of course it is possible. I know it first hand. My advice is for dating younger guys in general.

  • You should be dating whomever you want to begin with. :)

    I checked out your picture. You certainly look much younger than your age! You shouldn't worry about that, seriously. First of all, a lot of younger guys are attracted to older girls. They think such girls are more experienced, drama-free and know what they want. Secondly, age is just a number. You aren't fooling anyone. You tell them your age and it's their choice to continue with you or not. You aren't doing anything wrong.

    My ex was younger than me and was so much in love with me. I looked much younger than him as well. Age wasn't a concern to us. (we broke up for another reason, not age at all).

    The only thing you need to consider is dressing well, taking care of yourself, weight and style. A lot of older women think it's hopeless to get another man so they stop taking care of their look even though they're pretty. As long as you look great and FEEL great, then there is nothing to worry about.

    Alot of women in their 60's have a spirit of a 20 year old girl and a lot of 20 year olds have the spirit of a 60 year old woman. What is important is how you feel inside and it glows. :)

    Go out and socialize and show yourself to the world. You will find a lot of younger guys deeply attracted to you! :)

    • Thank you for your advice ,sorry for chose wrong for the best by accident