Eager in person, but takes him forever to text, what is going on?

So I met this guy about 3 weeks ago while I was traveling. He is from the same city as me and we really hit it off. We exchanged numbers and decided to meet up when we were both back home. So over the rest of my trip we were texting each other, at first his responses were quick and frequent but after about a week became much more delayed.

When I got home I sent him a message letting him know I was back, and he responded asking me if I wanted to get together. It took a while to organize a date because he was only sending me one text a day. But when we finally got together it was a Friday night and he was supposed to go away Saturday morning for a weekend trip... however he ended up not going on his trip and we spent the whole weekend together. We also got together Monday and Wednesday night as well and on Wednesday he invited me to go with him on a weekend sailing trip from Thursday to Saturday. The trip was great, however we got back 3 days ago and I haven't heard anything from him. I sent him a message last night asking if he wanted to hang out but I haven't got any reply.

When we are together in person, I have no doubt he is into me and he seems to enjoy spending time with me because our dates have been unending at times... but when it comes to non-face to face contact he takes forever. Is he into me and just doesn't use his phone very much? Or is there something else going on here that I just can't see?


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  • He's probably just a flakey texter. A lot of us dudes never look at our phones, or we might not even have our phones with us. Go with how he is in person.

  • Yeah. I wish I could just trash my phone tbh.

    I show my true colors in person. I can lie 10x more easier over text. Not that I do, but I recognize chances when I see them lol.


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