What is the best day of the week to go see this girl? Consider my situation

So say you haven't seen her in a few months. What is the best day of the week to see a girl and ask her out? She lives an hour away from me so what should I suggest? Going to her town or meeting up at college?

I'm on vacation, so I technically shouldn't be there. Would it be creepy if a guy comes to college to see you?

I've done it before (but it was more excusable since I could be college because I wasn't on vacation back then). Her response was very enthusiastic. Now I'm not sure about doing it when I'm supposed to be on vacation. Should I go to see her at college?

Also by "meeting up at college" I mean randomly bumping into her.


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  • Yes just say you meeting a old pal and have a chat and suggest going to town some day to see a movie or go for lunch it should work :) good luck

  • I say try it ! No it won't be weird try wed. Its like in the middle of everything


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