Why do people give up so easily after the first date?

Even though I have'nt been on a date for quite a while, I hear stories from other people, coworkers, family, etc. It sometimes makes me scared to date men. I love them, but wondering why are both men and women so snobbish when it comes to dating. It could anywhere from clothes, to hair, fingernails, childish unrealitic expectations. I am kinda picky myself, especially when it comes to hygiene. I'm not going to be picky if a guy has funny looking hair, or drives a old beat up car. As long as he's trying to do something positive in this world he's fine to date.


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  • Some people don't ask the deal breaker questions prior to dating. Others form a lasting first impression that may be totally incorrect as to how the person normally acts. People also try to act fake and be something they aren't. All in all, people are impatient.

    We live in a society that is fast paced with constant distractions. Realizing how great a person is can't be done just by looking at the person or really from one date.

  • Well the reason second dates don't happen is because there isn't mutual attraction. Simple as that. And by the way, you should judge someone by what car they drive...that's just stupid. Not everyone can afford a new 30k car. I agree with hygiene, but the car thing? that's a little strange...

    • I had a friend who told me that a guy who liked her had an ugly car and she did'nt want to date him. She was out of a job and supposedly had a boyfriend, but was always screwing around on him. She would not talk to guys if their clothes were'nt in style! Believe me she's no beauty queen! I cut off the friendship because she is one of those people who pretends to like you but will turn on you if you don't fall for her bullshi!

    • it sounds to me like your friend is a prostitute. I doubt she sees herself that way, that would require a great deal more honesty then she posses.

    • Yea, she was trying to put me down when I told her we should'nt be friends anymore. I tried to be nice about it, but she was pissed. And the truth is she feels sh*tty about herself. That's why she behaves that way. I can't be around people like that. I'm not rich, and would feel bad if a guy I liked did'nt like me because I wear cheap shoes. His loss.

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