She texted me yesterday. What's next?

Alright so there's this girl that I really like and I'm 95% sure she likes me also. We just met a couple days ago and I want to ask her out on a date. I'm planning on calling her tonight but I have a random question: should I text her now and ask when she is done with her classes today? She has a ton of classes today so she may have night classes and I wouldn't want to call while she is in one. So should I ask her when she is done, or should I just call tonight and hope she isn't in a class?

She texted me yesterday(just one day after getting my number) and we had a decently long texting convo that ended on a good note. So what do you guys think?


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  • Short answer is that it does not make any difference whether you text her now, in the next 5 minutes, an hour from now, 10 hours from now, tomorrow or on Friday.

    If she likes you, she will say yes. If she doesn't like you, she will say no. The timing of your text is really quite irrelevant :) Good luck.

    • I'm not going to ask her out over the text, I was going to ask when she is done with classes so I would know when to call. I just don't know if that text would be weird or not?

    • Then just text her now. It is very cute but I think you are really overthinking things. If you think it's weird then just don't text her at all and call her either at 11 pm tonight or tomorrow when you know for sure her classes are over.

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  • I think since you've already engaged in texting, it's OK to text her to find out when she'll be available to talk.

    • Would it seem weird though? To be it would almost seem like I lack confidence(which I don't). So if I don't text and just call later, what should I do if she doesn't answer because she is busy? Just call back later? Or should I text her after saying "call me when you're not busy"? If she's not busy I can almost guarantee it that she will answer.

    • I don't think it's weird at all. I would like it if I was the girl.

      If you call and she doesn't answer, I'd say text then and ask if she can call you when she's free. If you call twice then text, it's getting borderline stalker.

      Based on what you're saying in your original question...I say she'll answer if she's available.

  • Just be like "Hey, let's talk on the phone tonight after your classes, if you would like that." A guy texted me that recently and I responded--telling him when my classes would be over so he could call me. It sounds really polite, so I suggest you text her that.

  • Text asking when she's free tonight so you can call her.

    • Should I tell her I am planning on calling her, or should I just ask when she is free/done with class?

    • Yes, you ask "Can I call you when you get out of class? What time are you free?"

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