Why is it hard for me to get into the mindset that SHE should be the one that makes me happy?

I've been looking for a girlfriend, but the problem is that mindset is all wrong. I'm always trying to "prove" myself or worry about impressing, when it should be the other way around, when I should be worried about whether THEY are impressing ME and whether they are the ones proving themselves worthy of me. I never used to be like this. However, when I started to ask girls out, my mindset changed.

Why am I like this and how can I go back to the older, better mindset?


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  • Most girls naturally put themselves on a pedestal because guys always try to have sex with them and they can't help but feel like they are worth so much, thus the guy has the burden to prove himself to them.

    But you'll be amazed how easy it is to knock them off their pedestals in just a few words. Or by acting like you are not interested in them. In both cases you turn things around and convey the message that you are on top. Works really well.

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