Why do you think that (stereotypically) females give bad dating advice to guys?

There is a saying amongst the male gender that is no secret:

"don't take dating advice from a woman"

A common thing said on this site to guys with dating troubles is "continue to be yourself and you'll find that girl one day"...which frankly doesn't help the dude at all with his problem RIGHT NOW.

Pardon me for being stereotypical, but this type of "advice" from the female gender is a common thing...and frankly it's bad "advice" cauz this is simply lip-service to "make him feel better", not a means to a solution.

So, to my fellow users, why do you think that females tend to give bad dating advice to males?

Please elaborate so all of us users can understand your train of thought on this subject. Be long-winded if you want (I WILL read it, btw), but please make sure you format your question well. Nobody wants to read a 100-word run-on sentence, ok? :)

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Thanks for your input, everyone. :)


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  • Girls say the want one thing, but they go for the other, watch and learn from them, don't take advice from them.

    • Yup...there seems to be a disconnect between what they SAY they want...and what they RESPOND to.

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  • I fail to see how that's bad dating advice. It all boils down to compatibility. You're being yourself. If that's not getting the girl, then the girl in question isn't compatible with you.

    I fail to understand how they give bad dating advice in that context. And just like I laugh at how wrong they are about how our minds work and how guys are, I laugh at how wrong we are about them. I want advice, I go straight tot he horse's mouth. If a girl wants advice on guys, she can come to me or any other guy. Not to her girl friends who know just as little as she does. And the same goes for us. I've never been given bad dating advice by an even mildly intelligent female who had ALL the facts she needed to be able to make the call.

    • hey so could you help me with my question "I asked him out and he said we should just stay really good friends. Wtf?"

  • I believe you answered your question, they give advice to make the guy feel better. I don't care how nice or hard a guy tries, if he's not attractive in some form or another to the opposite gender, then his woes are going to continue until he finds the one that wants him or changes the reason women are not into him. I hear guys on here saying they can't understand why, and it's so very obvious that if it's not their personality, then it's physical. After all when we meet someone we judge them buy their appearance, then their personality. Some of the females here give guy's advice to encourage, but it's not the solution to their problem, the guy needs brutal honesty to help him overcome his shortcomings. I think a lot of women are sensitive by nature and like to motivate guys to do better anyway, so they are just being themselves.

  • Because they're more into the classical notion of romance? Just a guess but they're in general more emotional driven than guys are, which is probably the culprit.

  • The classic saying that "women say one thing, but mean something completely different".

    They say be yourself - but what they really mean is be WHAT A GIRL WANTS YOU TO BE: miserable and under their control

    • Actually if I was dating a guy I would not want him to everything I say I like challenges not little pansies and I would want him to be happy because when he's happy I'm happy

    • So you say... :P

  • Because girls think emotionally. Their reflex is primarily to answer you in the way they want to be talked to. Have you ever listen to women talk to each other? Sometimes it's unreal to us guys. They talk about anything and everything altogether, very serious matters bit right in the middle of superfluous matters, they don't seem to solve each other problems but more like supporting each other disregarding any facts (guys are jerk in all women conversations, no matter how wrong the girl was).

    You're going to think like a guy and say women are dumb and their way of interacting is stupid. But in fact it isn't at all. It's true that guys will be much better at solving each others problems and determining a plan of actions to move forward. But you still mostly feel like sh*t after talking to a guy, or evenmore depressed because you got a layer of realism on top of the one you already had laid yourself. Talking with women helps on that front, they strengthen and heal your feelings if you allow them.

    Women have the other problem, they come expecting understanding and support from guys but usually get the rational cold shower and plan for the future. But though it'd be very helpful to them to hear it, they won't because they hurt emotionally and aren't receptive to rational thinking especially when they ache inside.

    Women and men just don't speak the same language typically. But both have actually strong merit, if the listener is willing to truly listen and know it can play a role. By the way once women feel you are emotionally OK, they become better at helping with giving you advice. It's like they naturally let their brain start working once their heart tell them you feel OK. Before that they can't help it, it's all about emotional connection and sharing.

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