What to do if a girl doesn't answer?

I've had terrible experiences with leaving voice mails. Lets just leave that at that ;)

but I don't know what to do for sure. I'm really sure this girl likes me and I'm going to call her for the first time here soon but if she doesn't answer, what should I do? Like I said, I am almost certain she likes me and would answer if she is not busy. So my guess is that if she doesn't answer it will be because she is busy or didn't have her phone on her.

If I wait to call back and she still doesn't answer I would feel awkward having two missed calls on her phone. And if I only call that one time, she might think it was a butt dial and I didn't actually mean to call her. So then that leaves the last opinion of sending a text after saying something like "Hey we should talk :) give me a call back when you're not busy."

Which option should I choose?


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  • Wow! You've thought a lot about this!

    Well, what I would do is call her and leave a voice mail simply saying, "Hey, it's ____, call me back! Thanks!" It doesn't sound too clingy. The thing is, though, if she doesn't pick up, or call back, don't call her again! It may seem like forever since you've first called, but it's probably not as long as you think. Just text her if you feel like it's been a while. The text you wrote sounds good! Best of luck! :)


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