What does this text mean to you?

I'm guessing he was drunk when he sent it, 2am Saturday. He's a friend but not particularly close or anything, we actually haven't seen one another in years.

"You're a top class sexy legend and I would anytime"


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  • That means he wants in your pants. I hate to be that blunt, but alcohol makes little truth-tellers out of us dudes. He's been thinking it for some time now, and he just needed a little liquid courage to tell you haha! Sounds like a trashy dude, though. I think of myself as a gentleman, and I put my phone away while drinking for just that reason.

    • While I agree with most of what you say I do have to stand up for people who text stupid ship when they're drunk , it doesn't mean they're trash, just human

    • Yeah, but drunk texts mean exactly what you think they mean. Drunk dudes are NOT capable of being modest, haha.

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  • He wants to be in your pants!... With you still in 'em! ;)

    *creepy music starts playing*

    • haha don't think he'd fit

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  • drunken text ... take no notice

    • I wouldn't if it was just a once off or if he only drunk text once in a while not every god damn weekend

    • ahhh then he's trying to get into your knickers, but can't do it sober

  • Sounds like a booty text

    • It does indeed. Don't know how because we live 2 hours apart but I suppose you add alcohol you lose logic

    • I think all of use do but at least you know he thinks you attractive (:

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