Would you text back a girl you don't like?

A guy and I got a long really great, talking most of the night, and I later text him and he responded and ended with we'd talk soon. Would you say that to a girl you didn't care to speak to again or would you just not reply?


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  • Yeah, I would. If I really didn't like her, out of common human decency, I'd want to let her off slowly. I don't now how many times I've said this, but texting is a HORRIBLE, if not the worst, indicator of how someone feels toward you. The remedy here is to spend more time with him, and if all else fails, ask him about his feelings POINT-BLANK. Guys can work with you much more effectively if you're direct about your feelings. Don't make it about if HE likes YOU, though. Make it about YOUR feelings toward HIM. He will be able to respond much more effectively than he would be able to with subtle hints. Guys are NOT good at picking up on hints. We have to have it set in front of our faces to really get the message. We're simple creatures, us guys. Conversation is the tried and true way of working out any problem. Good luck, and remember that this sea is FULL of fish.

    • So does that mean talk soon means nothing?

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    • Thanks I will take this advice. I hate texting too, I only did it to give him my number. He shows signs of interest like he'll always look at me, and always be beaming when we speak, and he is the one who comes to me and initiates the conversation.

    • Well it sounds like he cares about you. Always use texting as an indicator only if it is your LAST way of knowing.

  • "we'll talk soon" simply means that. I doubt he used that just as a way to end the conversation.

    When it comes to texting a girl I don't like, but maybe I know likes me, what I do is just respond slower, shorter, uninterested.

    • So would you say to that sort of girl that you'll talk soon?

    • probably not, it's just like 'see you later'. I don't think it's supposed to be taken literally. don't worry though, if you had a great talk then I'm sure he'll text you back!

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