Do girls ever postpone a first date to calm their nerves and make themselvs more glamorous?

if so why do women do this do they really wanna make a good impression on a first do I impress her on first date?


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  • some do...its usualy for several are some

    she may be shy/nervous

    she may be having an "ugly" day lol [bloated,bad hair,PIMPLES,etc]

    she mayb be pmsing or on her period and the last thing she wants to do is get pretty and go on a ex girlfriend stood me up 3 times in the same week..after I got mad and asked her why,she said its cus she was on her period lol

    shes not into you.sorry

    she ahs other plans,family,doctor,work,etc

    the way you impress her is go all out..ncie clothes,ncie hair,DO UR EYESBROWS,wear nice cologne..look if you have any

    be smart..witty but not a goofball idiot...U GOTTA BE FUNNY..dont b scared to make fun of her lol

    be a gentleman..hold chair out,open doors,pay for the date

    be confident,take the lead..if she senses weakness ITS OVER

    tlak about things you ahv in common..friends,school..classes...neighhbordhood...

    dont INTERVIEW HER..aks her stuff,but don't grill her..dont talk about personal things like religion,past bf' convo casual and funny...

    dont be a pushover..let her know your in charge..if she's texting on the phone ..tell her that's not acceptable...girls love dominant guys

    • Oh yea, don't make comments about other girls, don't flirt with the waitress and try not to talk about how HOT some other girl is. You're out with her, not anyone else.

    • wow wow wait there cowboy..those aren't TOO bad to do..this will make her kinda jelous..which is kinda good..especially flirting with the girl..dont be too obvios..but let her know that other guys want you..and she's lucky to be with me..

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  • I don't think I've ever done that unless at the last moment I just can't stomach going out with the guy, then I'll just flat out cancel.

    How to impress?

    Open the f-ing car door for her!

    Bring her a small token...maybe a single flower. NOT a red rose. Too cliche.

  • Some girls may

  • yep, I've done that a couple of times but just to don't be so nervous about it. lol


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  • If anyone does that they make themselves look like a tool more than anything else=/

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