What do you think a girl should know BEFORE a first date with a guy?

The question says it all =)

What do you think she should know about the guy? About how to act and be with the guy? About anything in general really?

If the guy gives her the choice of doing something on the first day, what's a good choice to pick?

What are your opinions?

Thanks for answering!


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  • Well she should at least know his name! Other than that, the date is a chance to get to know him. She should act like normal and be herself, it's never good to be someone you're not or be different with a specific person.

    If he gives her the choice to pick what to do, she should pick what she likes! It's not supposed to be so complicated, the date is just the beginning of getting to know each other so it matters more the conversations you have with him and how you feel about him.

    • lol I never wanted to make it complicated, just wondering what others' preferences are :P

    • Yeah I didn't mean you, just in general. Some people freak out about it.

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