My boyfriend asked if we could hang out... I responded "sure whatever you want"

i was kind of mad at him..but how I responded probbaly pissed him off right? I ddint mean to but now he hasn't ttexted me yetttt.. :(

should I say sorry for saying that ?

how would you feel if ure girlfriend/boyfriend said that to you?


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  • Dont say anything.

    You can say: what do you have in mind,

    but don't apologize because you did nothing wrong. (The tone, i.e. you being mad, did not carry through in the text, so he may not even notice it)


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  • If my girlfriend said that, I would take it as aright we get to do whatever I want today AWESOME! :D...however assuming your boyfriend is a person who does not take things litterally he probably thinks your super mad and that he did something wrong.


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  • BF: Can we hang out?

    YOU: sure whatever you want

    BF: [silence]

    YOU: I'm sorry! :(

    lol no that would make you look lame. just let it go its not a big deal

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