Maybe a good email..maybe bad? I think I blew it

Ok so this really cute blond has been chatting with me on a online dating site. I could tell it was her who was viewing my profile over and over so I said Hi and a quick message. Got basically an instant response. two more back to back emails and a farely fast return email in a day or so each time. Her last email I wasn't able to get back to her till Sunday ,she wrote on Thursday. I was honestly in a bit of a rush writing it. The next day I read what I had wrote and it had grammatical and spelling mistakes all over the place. I'm not sure if I goofed by doing this but basically today I wrote her apoligizing for my terribly written email and tried to keep it light and funny about it. I basically stated I wanted her to get the right impression of me :) I Haven't heard a word. Any girls out there that would appreciate this? and form a good impression of the guy or is apoligizing like this just indicating my interest in her approval way to fast and the fact that I didn't give her a lot of response time. I don't know, I just didn't want to give off the dbag who doesn't really care about the content of his email or the girl he is writing to image. I think I'm going to invent a dating site where you can delete the email if you goof up and it never gets to them haha.


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  • If I saw an apology for a poorly written message, I'd be flattered. However, when you try too hard to do the perfect thing, it may come off like you are desperate. This is probably why the girl reacted the way you mentioned. Personally, desperation appears a little creepy like it's almost like a stalking - I'm only speaking from my own experience. Can't really speak for anyone else.

    • well I hope I don't give off the desperate vibe. I have kept everything friendly and asked a lot about her. I had gotten used to the quick reply's from her so after not hearing from her and seeing how poorly written my last email was I wanted to apoligize. I was glad I did becuase it seemed the gentlemen thing to do but at the same time I basically let her know I was very interested. Well see what happens I guess

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    • yeah I agree.. that's the thing I wrote because I honestly felt like a jackass for the shoddy email I sent, I wasn't trying to give off the "why haven't you written me back yet vibe, hope its not taken that way

    • ... waiting for a reply, much less anything else, can be harrowing! good luck!

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  • maybe she's just as busy as you were ... or maybe she's a grammatical snob ... tend to look at what has been written and decide whether I want to proceed if the grammar and spelling is not correct or if someone emails in text speak .. don't like that either ..

    However .. apologizing is a good step in the right direction ... maybe she's met someone else on line she likes better and you are shelved for the moment

  • I wouldn't hold it against him, especially if he wrote another email explaining.

    Not sure what it would help to know that info maybe.

    • basically I said I apoligize if my previosu email had seemed quickly written and insincere. I joked myself for how badly I wrote it and said something along the lines of wanted you to gather the right impression. I don't know this girl yet so it can be taken two ways..oh my god this guy is already apoligizing to me..what a desperate chump or wow a guy who is standupish and can admit his mistakes and seems like a gentlemen

    • Nah, you're over thinking it. I'm sure she isn't taking it the wrong way.

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