I've had a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day is it okay to text him?

Is it OK to text this guy that I have a class with, I would say that we're definitely friends, and ask him if he gives good hugs? Or would that be totally lame and not cute? Thoughts? Feelings? Suggestions?

We're flirty friends. I don't think it would make things awkward. But would it seem stupid?


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  • Generally decent guys would like to be there for a girl. Unless you two are sweet on each other make sure you don't try make it go further it it'll become awkward. But yeah if you trust him open up an get a hug. Good therapy.

    • I have a question for ya, if a guy opens his arms up for a hug and the girl gives him one what does that mean?

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  • do it! I think it's cute

  • My friend and I are flirty friends but, I have no idea how it started. I guess ever since we have known each other. I want to stop flirting with him but, I do not know how. Attraction is so hard to get over. Wjat do I do?

  • U like him?

    Since you are friends it could become a little awkward

    • we're flirty friends. Not just platonic.

    • Before asking that break the touch boundry with like simple and suddel things

    • If I know him super well then just go for it and ask him