How long do guys usually wait until they ask a girl out on a second date?

So I had my first date on Saturday and I thought it was fun! It was really casual. Anyways...every time I talk to one of my friends about it they all ask "did he ask you out again?" but he didn't...I didn't think that was too odd...I mean now it's only Tuesday night so it's only been a couple days, right? But everybody seems concerned that he hasn't asked me out again already...

Now they've got me paranoid that he's lost interest...He hugged me at the end of the date, I don't know if that's a good sign or a bad sign.

I need opinions!

(I like this guy, but I don't think I can ask him out since I'm broke and can't I'm waiting for him to take the lead.)


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  • Sunday Monday Tuesday.

    Expect to hear from him on Wednesday.

    He could just be following the 3 day rule.

    As for why guys wait.. well, it's been shown (repeatedly, so blame the girls) that waiting 3 days is the optimal strategy for making her still want you, while not coming across as too needy or too clingy.

    If a guy calls before 3 days, the girl winds up dumping him. If he calls after 3 days, the girl winds up losing interest.

    3 days tends to be the winningest amount of time to wait before calling for the second date.


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  • you're right to not call him, he should call you. if he doesn't, he's not interested or has no courage. I usually call with a week.

  • I usually ask my girl for second date 2 days after first date.

    Don't imagine things, perhaps he is busy at work.

    You can ask him out if you have feeling with him.

  • I usually ask her out again a few days later.

    Could text him and see if it leads to a date.


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