A guy just told me I gave him a blunt answer?!

So we were kind of flirting through texts..and had a quite engaging conversation...

Then I answered him a short message saying "hahaha clearly ;)"

I know it was a bit a turn on of not bothering,

But I just wanted to see if he will keep trying to improve the conversation...

But he just send me an answer saying "blunt answer back..."

Did he suddenly got turned off?

What am I suppose to say after that?


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  • I've never been able to figure out what makes stupid ideas like that pop into people's heads and then act on them. Next time, maybe just try enjoying the conversation without the mind games. There's no reason for you to have to "test" somebody like that.

    He's obviously not amused by your last response, and has no problem letting you know that. Personally, I think he actually comes of as kind of an a**hole, complaining about how you responded, but if you want to keep the conversation going, you could try elaborating on your last response, I guess.

    • It wasn't like a serious test or anything.. just simply wanted to see what he'll respond, I don't even have any feeling for a guy, it's just general flirting:)

      And I just wanted to see what he'll answer but deffo didn't expect that kind of answer!

      P.s Thank you for your answer :)

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  • You threw the proverbial lead weight into the conversation, to "test" him.

    He responded by calling you on it, and managing to throw it back at you.

    He wins, I think.

    Now, it's up to YOU to see if you will keep trying to improve the conversation.

    • Thanks...Any suggestions of a good answer back?

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    • You see aggression which isn't there.

      Your question was about his response.. was he turned off, for example?

      I think I've answered that. And I've also explained how the ball is now in your court.

      I won't tell you what to say though, because I don't like it when girls decide to "test" a guy the way you did... "But I just wanted to see if he will keep trying..."

      But there's no aggression there. I don't have any real feelings for you one way or the other.

    • haha, ok

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