Figuring out the girl?

We've met a number of times, when we do meet she is very sweet, does things for me etc and generally is affectionate all round.

However when I've texted her etc she takes days to respond or doesn't at all. Then if I leave it a while (which I did for over a week) she texts me again!

I can't figure her out, she's not dating anyone else so I suppose I could be some sort of back-up, it's just whenever we do meet she is far more willing to try and impress me than I am to her?


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  • She likes you. Texting is such an unreliable resource to base or foresee someone's I interest in you. I can be a prime example: I used to have an iPhone 4 and text back within minutes of everyone's texts to me. The phone never left my side. But now I have a crappy go phone with no screen or camera on it. I only have texting and calling. I haven't texted for about a week. And that's only because it's inconvenient to me now. Before texting was fun and I loved my little piece of technology. My whole point is that it doesn't matter how long she takes to reply to you. If she is still texting you she obviously has some interest. When she doesn't reply at all that's when you can assume she doesn't want to talk to you. Obviously she does if she hit you up after you stopped texting her for awhile

  • How do you know if she is dating others or not? When she texted again did she explain or apologize for not replying your texts? When I care about a guy, I care about anything he sends to me..maybe I wouldn't reply right away but would never ignore it either. Only guys who I "kind of" interested to but not thinking they are boyfriend materials I 'd reply late or never. Sorry am very direct. But hope this help.

    • thank you so much for your comment my situation is similar to his but more if I text I get the srry bout the wait or I get one right after I sent one I know its no perfectly saying she likes me but she interested:) thank you

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    • Well she has never ignored the first text, but rarely continues more than one reply. She has warmed up a little the more time we have spent together. She did mention once (in conversation) how she doesn't always get around to writing texts straight away. I don't know maybe she's playing hard to get but it's a little frustrating to wait days for a reply!

    • Well, maybe next time you can ask her Why she doesn't like to answer straight away. I think no matter what after a longer time you will figure out, during meantime, don't focus too much on her. I somehow feel like not answering at all even to a friend is not very polite...and if you have some common friends, ask them to get a better idea! Good luck!

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