What should I talk about with a girl online?

currently talking to this girl online which I really like , but what should I talk about? whre like stuck... Help!


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  • first, act like you want to know her, and later start with compliments, there are 2 kind of compliements know this some of them are for new meeting, like I really like your hair, or your eyes

    you're so cute etc, and you can make converstion interesting by ask her question like this

    I will help you a bit ;)

    Ask her which is the most beautiful flower on the world, she will kinda answer any of flowers

    but answer her that you think she is the most beautiful flower on the world, she will like it for sure ;)

    • Thanks! Is there anything else I can try?

    • Ask her how her day was, if you're not at same class *ask her about what kind of things she enjoy sports etc, and if you catch something you enjoy also start talking about it, and if you both talk about something you both like it will be good and don't forgot compliments ;)

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  • ask her about herself! but talk about yourself too, be interesting. flirt, try to have cute little inside jokes with her.

  • Be funny! I don't think any girl would mind a joke every now and then.

    No awkward jokes!

    And defiantly compliment her! girls love, love, LOVE! that! :)


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