I feel kinda screwed for prom?

I asked out the girl I really liked a couple of weeks ago and she wanted to stay friends. I really liked her and I'm a senior and I'm looking ahead to prom, and I don't see a clear solution. I'm a quiet guy, and I don't talk to a lot of girls at school. I mean, I know them, but I haven't talked to them a lot in the past. This one cute girl is in one of my classes, but we sit on opposite sides of the room and can't switch seats. How do I talk to her for the first time after not talking to her on a regular basis?


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  • When you see her, just say "Hi"

    Continue to say that for a few days.

    When about 3 days pass say,

    "Hi, how are you today?" and try to strike up a conversation.

    By doing this, you are easing yourself into getting to know and ask her without

    coming out of left field and making things awkward.

    When you establish comfort, just say "Would you be interested in going to prom with me?"

    • well, I'm confused. how do I get her to make eye contact with me for one thing?

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    • ok! I'll try... this is gonna be interesting...

    • Gl! I hope it works out for you :)

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