Girl doesn't want a relationship but texts me daily?

What do the females make of this situation? Girl I've been dating for a month or so and known for quite awhile as a friend recently broke up with her boyfriend. She told me she doesn't want anything serious, yet we've been dating and she texts me every day first thing in the morning then again at night until we both go to bed. I wouldn't mind exploring the idea of a relationship with her, but she said she didn't want to yet contacts me all the time! What gives?


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  • ur a rebound... Using you to keep her mind off the other guy even if she doesn't know she is doing it

  • She just needs attention, especially since she just broke up with her boyfriend. You're not all that special, she just doesn't want to feel lonely you're there to keep her from feeling it.

    • Well she broke up with him like 5 months ago, but good to know I'm not special. should I dump her then? what's the time frame to get at a girl who broke up? a year? two years?

    • not set time...its more like if a girl gets out of a serious relationship she needs a rebound first before her next one. Something not serious

    • she already did that with another dude though for about a month or two