Broke up with me 6 months ago but now wants me back?

ok I'm really confused. I met a guy last April. we both divorced, kids, etc. he was just at the end process of divorce, I had already been split for over a year from my ex at this point. so my situation was def resolved while he still very much had to tie up loose ends. anyway, we dated almost 3 months and he broke it off out of nowhere. said he just couldn't date at that moment he was too upset over not seeing his three sons everyday, was angry at his ex, was losing his house, etc. anyway, I understood but I was devastated. I really liked him. figured if he really liked me he'd still want to be with me. but I wished him luck and moved on. I JUST started seeing someone three weeks ago. nothing serious at all. well, my ex calls me up (we don't have mutual friends so he doesn't know what's going on in my life). anyway, he says he's been thinking about me a lot lately. that he was sorry he ended things back then but he was scared and not ready. he had too much things on his plate back then and when he felt he was falling for me he freaked out. but that his stuff was resolved and he can't stop thinking about me and would I give him another chance. honestly, he sounds sincere, but I was really upset last time around. what if I fall for him again and he bails again? but I still have strong feelings for him. I just don't know what to do!

oh and part of me is afraid that he just wasn't into me last time maybe? and now just might be having second thoughts? I'm not too happy bout that either. I'm just really confused.


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  • DOnt risk everything on a bloke than ran, like you say, if he really was into you, even with his problems, he wouldn't of riskd losing you by acting the way he did, so play it cool, tell him you understood his reasons but he has to respect the fact that you were hurt and have moved on from that, because if he really is genuine and rally does want to make amends and try again, then he will pursue you regardless of your comment, but make him prove to you that he is worthy of another chance, don't risk it all on what you think you know, make sure you do know he is genuine, don't think, use your head and not your heart to make this dicision, you are risking that pain again if you dont, remember, your worth it, so make him prove his, good luck,x


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  • Tenacity is the key to success.

    Risk of hurt vs rewards of love

    You survived the break last time, you'll survive again, should it happen ... and finally yhou'll be sure one way of the other

    Even if you pick another guy, HE could drop & hurt you as well.

    Go get him.

  • Do Not Even Bother


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