First date conversations topics HELP!

Ok guys, I've got a date coming up this Friday and I want to avoid that awkward silence in the middle of the dinner, what are some good conversations pieces that should keep her talking for a while?


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  • girls love talking about themselves lol they love feeling like you care to know about them, so do just that; ask her questions about herself. e.g. her job, schooling, career, vehicle, pets, favorite movies/shows, sports she plays/played, best restaurants she's been to, hobbies she has, what high school was like for her, vacations she's been on, places she wants to go in the future, future goals, most important people in her life. guaranteed you could get her talking for hours with this many topics.


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  • Pretty much it can be anything that comes to your mind but here are some suggestions:

    What her plans are this weekend

    If she's watched the particular movie (doesn't matter which movie - just pick one then start talking about it or the actors in it then segway into what type of movies she likes)

    The food you guys are eating e.g. if it's mexican, then you can talk about mexico then start talking about whether she likes to travel or if she likes the beach then start talking about your recent vacation

    basically just pick a topic then branch off into different topics depending on her answers.


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