Why hasn't he called me?

I went to a basketball game with this guy that I've gone on a few dates with and some of my friends last week. After the game his friend was having a concert, and he asked me to go with him. But, my friends were all going to a bar after so I decided to go with them. When, I told the guy that I was going with my friends he seemed a little disappointed but not too much. I told him that we should hang out sometime the following week, and he agreed. He told me that I should come over to his new apartment and we could watch a movie or something, and I said okay. Well, its been almost a week exactly since the game and he hasn't called or sent me one text. Should I take this as a sign he isn't interested?


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  • Take it as a sign that he disappointed that you didn't hang with him after the game, he's probably convinced himself that you aren't as interested in him as he is in you. Give him a text or a call, he may need reassurance that you're interested.


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