Why does a man stop texting, calling, etc when things were going so well?

I just don't understand. There was no indication of anything being wrong. He just stopped all communication. Is he not interested anymore but just won't "say it"?


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  • sorry to say but sounds like he isn't intrested sure he could be busy how long has it been since you spke last or haw klong has he not been replying to you messages it all depends if it a few days then there is hope but if its been a whole week and not even a sorry I have been busy text then nt all is well

    • it has been 10 days...hadn't spoken to him in a year...second conversation was to borrow money..and stupidly I did it..(not a hugh amt)...i guess the writing is on the wall..i was used..i always felt a connection to him..maybe that is why I fell so quickly again...time to dry my tears and move on...i am too old to be playing games with men...but I have a kind heart and always think the best of people...been a doormat too many times in my life.. : (

    • its sucks saying the least having to go through things like this but I still hink the right person is out there just as long as you learn from past miskakes its just no fair there are many we have to learn from making

  • Try to talk to him? Or if you are not able to do, act like him. I mean behave like you don't interest him.

    • see answer below...to add to it, I think he is addicted to coke...hence the desperation to ask me for money...but he got under my skin a long time ago and in some ways I have been addicted to him just like he is to a drug!...strange thing this so-called love is! takes a semi-intelligent woman into a pile of mush in his presence...i guess I will not text, call or talk to him again...and leave him be to his demons...thanks for the advice...