Nervous for a date tomorrow?

so here's the deal. I just got out of a relationship and a new guy asked me on a date. I met him at walmart and we chatted on Facebook for a while, we've been texting for about a week.

here's the thing. I've only been on one date and this guy moved here from the phillipines five years ago.

i just don't know what to expect, at all.

he says he's a "good ol' Asian boy".

we're going to coffee and a movie.


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  • Well if you like this guy and feel like there's the potential for being more than just friends, I see no harm in going on a few dates with him and just seeing how things go? All I would say to you is be careful not to jump straight into a rebound relationship!... From experience I know it's much better to get over an ex first (if deep down that's what you feel you need to do), before entering into a new relationship.

    However, if you do feel you are fully over your ex, then why not go on a few dates and see how things go?... Only make sure you learn from your past relationship(s) and not allow yourself to be treat the way your ex did!

    I hope that helps you and I wish you luck with this new guy!... :o)

    • Thanks for your best answer!... :o)

      Do you feel like your done with your ex now, or are there still feelings there? I hope you don't mind me asking of course! lol

    • of course I dont' mind (: and I still have feelings for him, I still love him, but I'm not IN love with him. we are talking a bit but we both know that we won't get back together any time soon, if at all.

    • Well if you feel confident enough to go on a few dates with this new guy without your ex being constantly in the back of your mind, then I wish you good luck and I hope this one works out much better than your last! lol

      And if there's anything else you wish to ask, then please do!... :o)

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  • Coffee and a movie, nice and laid back for a first date. I don't think there's anything to be nervous about.

    Maybe it's because you're not oer the last guy yet? So take it slow with this one.

  • Dont worry we fillipons are outgoing! xD

  • Sounds fun, I wouldn't worry to much.


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  • You shouldn't know what to expect.

    Just keep your mind open and be ready for anything. Ask him about his family in the phillipines and what he's been up to since then. Open your heart and mind. GOOD LUCK <3

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