A boring texter....need advice

what do you do when you are txting someone like this...for example she will text me hey...then I say hi then she will say hi again lol. Or when we are txting I kinda just stop Because all she says is ha ha or lol or answer yes or no. Then she will text like 20min later asking why I stopped txting her. She is cool to hang out with but is super bad at txting. Advice?


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  • hahahhahaha I am this awkward texter, all you can do is like ask her questions, like make her be able to say mroe than ha ha and like don't be boring, show taht you care, text her first etc.

    • i ask good questions... I show I care plenty. She has even told me I'm a good txter lol. I feel bad for asking a ton of questions just so she will txt. I used to text first but havnt in a while because she is bad at it.

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    • we used to date lol. She ended it because it was a bad time because she is always busy. We are just good friends

    • aww I'm sorry ha ha well that's cute just try not to think about her awkward texting, it will get better in time. :)

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