He's had 5 girlfriends in the space of 6 months?

My boyfriend told me this, we were having a fling for 7 months and now we have been official for 1. Well today it popped out in conversation that he had 5 girlfriends in just 2011... it's shocking because I've never wanted somebody till he arrived (relationships didn't appeal to me even if I liked someone) What would you think of this? Should I be worried and keep distance a bit... sounds like I might also turn into an ex even though I care so much about him.. as a person not just a boyfriend

thank you

btw both 17


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  • I wouldn't be too worried about it that sounds pretty normal for a 17 year old boy. You might want to keep your distance a bit until you feel that he really is in it for the long run just so you don't end up getting burned.

  • Do you know why he broke up with them? Were they serious or just for fun? I know you're not dating for long, but considering you have something going on for 8 months now, I think it's kind of bad you don't know the grounds of your relationship.