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Heres the back story: I asked this girl out on a date Friday night at a party as she was leaving (date was set up for Wednesday, yesterday). I texted her Sunday and didn't get a response. Tuesday was her birthday and I told her happy birthday and talked to her through text a little and saw her at her surprise B-day party. I called her after the party and left a message about the date but she didn't respond. Wednesday around 3 or 4ish she texted me and as a few texts went by I got the hint that she had a lot of hw so I told her if she wanted we could push the date back. Well we did (never set up a new one). I talked to her a little today but as soon as I mentioned if she was free sat night I didn't receive a response. I want to believe her that she had hw to do. I'll probably end up seeing her tomorrow night and I'm thinking about telling her its OK if she doesn't want to go on a date. I really like this girl but I understand if she doesn't like me she doesn't like me. Would this be a good idea. What are the positives and negatives? How should I say it?

she said yes on Friday night


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  • It kinda seems that she is into someone else or just went through a breakup. But maybe she's just not into you. Yes ask her why! Also next time just ask her to hangout instead of a date. A date seems to official to her so just ask her to hang out. Also give her some time, back off for a little then make a move. Go step by step.


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