How to stop feeling not good enough and being kind of bitter toward other more attractive guys?

I don't walk around and sulk all day, but I never feel like I'm good enough to get a girlfriend. And being honest, I'm a pretty attractive guy. I've hooked up with girls and have a lot of friends, but something inside me gets all worked up whenever I feel like I like a girl enough to date her.

Whenever I consider going up to a girl or pursuing a girl, I get a thought like "What's the point of putting myself out there, she's probably not going to want to date me or she'll find some other guy first."

That's happened to me before.

So pretty much I disqualify myself before giving myself a chance, thus sending me back to my comfort zone of being alone and not putting myself out there.

Please help!

I've pursued girls before and gotten close, but got hurt some way or another. For the past 6 months or so I've tried to stay away from it because of all the stress I put on myself.


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  • well...if my opinion counts it youve got confidence sir! which for me is a plus! considering that you say you think you're a pretty attractive guy, and you should have the confidence and think that you can have any girl you want alog with it, just don't get too big headed. but from what I get from your story it sounds as if you're going for the wrong type of girl... so don't underestimate and doubt yourself when you have the potential.

    ;) hope I helped yah


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  • "...and totally redeem yourself..." -Harry Dunne.

    things will workout for you just stop disqualifing yourself.