I met him online...

Ok so I met this guy online. I wasn't expecting to meet anyone but we started chatting and then started emailin and now we text. Everyone tells me I am crazy for doing this. But if I had reason to believe he was a creep, I would have ended my contact with him. He has never asked for info from me, only pictures. Heck I was the one who asked for his e-mail address. He seems like a completely genuine 18 year old. We're like penpals.

So I am asking this because everyone is giving me grief about it. Girls, what would you do in this situation? Guys what do you think? Am I totally crazy?

ok it is not my intent to hook up with him. We are just friends.


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  • Girls crack me up with online dating. Girls my age will go to a bar and go home with a different random guy every weekend without thinking twice. Then, when they get online and meet a guy on a dating website, they automatically assume he is a creep/psycho/stalker/killer/loser or all of the above. It's a pretty hilarious double standard.

    But anyway, all commentary aside, there's nothing wrong with meeting a guy online. There are, however, a few things you should do just to be safe. Like mentioned below, do not tell him your last name, address, or where you go to school or work until you've met him. The best thing to do is to establish a time and place in public to meet him. Tell him you'll bring a friend so you can all hang out. Suggest that maybe he do the same. But just make sure that it's a public place. This will allow you to get to know him better and develop a better sense of him in person. If he's a reasonable, understanding person, this won't be any problem for him to accept. However, if he pushes for a private setting, for you to be alone, or for you to travel a significant distance, those are huge red flags. If it's someone far enough away that meeting in real life isn't feasible, place your right hand 2 inches in front of your forehead, and hit it with your left hand, because what were you thinking. That won't work and is too much work for the high chance that it's a creepy or dangerous guy.

    Good luck!


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  • No, one of my friends met his Girlfriend online and they've been together since spring of last year.

  • Depending on where you met him online you may wish to be weary before you give him personal details. I don't mean to try to scare you, but preditors know what they are doing. They know how to talk to people in such a way as to appear normal and not a creep. They can easily take advantage of the fact that your under 18 and may still be a little naive. Just think before you do anything other than talk.

    • What kind of personal details?

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    • He actually never told me that I'm pretty. He said "wow what a babe" and that's it.

      And he lives in Newport Beach Calif. At least that is what he told me because I have no proof of anything. So I won't be meeting him anywhere anytime soon because that is like, 3 states away from me.

    • I'd say "wow, what a babe" is the same as "you're pretty" I just put it a little more eloquantly.

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  • You just have to be really careful. Meeting people online can be okay, but other times it's obviously not safe. He may not be asking you for info yet, but in one of my classes we learned that some people on the internet will wait up to a year trying to slowly get information from people. They do it in a sneaky way too. Because you might think you're friends and you'll share personal information about your life .. and that is basically giving him what he wants.

    Of course not all people are like that. And there is a pretty good chance that the guy you are talking to isn't a creeper and is actually normal. But it is just very important to be careful.

    • Is there any way that I can find out if he really is a creeper or not? Or will I just have to wait it out? I have seen pictures of him.

    • I think you just have to wait it out. He can get those pictures anywhere. I believe it was Oprah - but there was a lady on her show talking about how she would use pictures of her friends or of people she found online when she talked to people she met online because she didn't want the person to know who she really was. So there is a chance this guy could be doing just that. (Maybe he isn't) - but it's just something to keep in mind.

  • I met a guy online a few years ago.. and we're dating now.. =]

    When I first met him, a lot of my friends would bug me about it and try to tell me he was probably not at all like he said he was and stuff.. But, I didn't get a creepy feeling from him.. so I didn't really listen to them lol.

    So its not always a bad thing.. but like some of the other people have said, you have to be careful.. just in case.. ^^

  • nope your not crazy And if your crazy I'll be crazy too,i have the same problem, well my guy never asked me about my picture or my look even my number he's 18 too he's so mysterious ,but I like him, he's so different from all the guys in this world I'll never stop talking to him ,

    • Haha yeah I really like talking to this guy...anyway, so much has happened since I posted though.

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    • Yea but you know that if he wanted you more then friends he would do anything to be with you,and I never asked my guy about he's relationships with girls he's mysterious guy he talked about where he lives he gave me picture of where he lives and his school too.. but he never opened a conversation about his personal life, I can't ask him cUz if I asked him!! he would think tht I like him and I dnt want him to think like tht cUz maybe he doesn't like me!!

    • Don't be shy. He's obviously interested in you if he's communicating with you like he is. I even talked dirty with my guy.

      You'll never know until you put yourself out there.

  • I've met some guys onlinee, in the end they turned out to be all creepers.

    • I didn't meet this guy on a dating site or anything...i don't think it was a dating site anyway

    • Ok so how did you find out in the end that they were creepers?

    • Well I decided to meet a few of them (stupid idea), one of the guys that I met he started to get all over me, good thing I had my friend with me. And another guy I met said he was 18 but once I saw him he looked like he was 30 +. Id personally wouldent meet anyone unless they go on webcam, so I can see if there telling the truth or not

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