Where can I find girls that don't play hard to get?

I either find girls that are not interested or that play hard to get, which is pretty annoying to be honest. Because I just never know who likes me and who doesn't and trying it to figure out its pretty crappy. I am just really tired of the same crap all the time. Getting no where, getting no recognition for my efforts or no body putting any effort in me at all and me doing all the work.


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  • I don't blame you, to be honest. Mind games are ridicuolous and unbelievably emotionally draining. Sadly, girls are used to play games when they are young and inexperienced. They do so because 1. It's a stupid common attitude among girls who say that it's pretty effective 2. They have no clue what to say/do so they come off as awkward people 3. They think guys will run after them if they play hard to get.

    It has a direct link with immaturity. As girls grow older and wiser, they start to realize how stupid they were and change their outlook. There ARE a few mature girls at a young age but it's difficult to find them.

    What you need to do is not to settle for less than what you want. You are straightforward and a decent guy and thus you deserve a girl like you. It's hard to find but not impossible. As you grow older, it becomes easier to find. :)

    • settle for less than what you want? lol what do you mean?

    • I mean pursue a girl that makes you feel happy. Don't settle for a girl that drives you crazy. :)

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