What would you make from this text message?

just because I'm quiet doesn't mean I'm not thinking about u.xxxxxxxxxxxxx

this is from a woman I met several times and who says she loves me.

tbh I don't know anymore its a long distance relationship. we were meant to be going away next weekend but as I have not heard from her for 6 days I just assume she met someone else


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  • I think it's quite obvious?

    She may be not the most talkful type when she's around you, or she doesn't say she's into you that often, but she's thinking about you and she's into you :)

    • Well, it makes more sense now. She could mean that, although she hasn't contacted you in a couple of days, she still thinks about you. So it's not because she doesn't text or call you, that she doesn't think of you :)

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  • can you elaborate a bit on the relationship?

  • Are you 2 dating? If not, I think it's a little odd to be throwing out the "I love you" card.


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