How do men handle stress?

Here's the deal... Met a guy on a dating site, went on a couple dates and hit it off pretty well. Only thing is he lives about 5 hours away. We met up over the holidays and had a great weekend and practically keep in touch everyday. Lately he's been working late (and no I don't think he's seeing someone else behind my back, I have no reason to assume that) and he's been pretty stressed with some projects going on at work in addition to traveling for his other business. So during the week I hardly hear from him, but on weekends he makes up for the weekdays, we call , text and Skype for hours and hours. As a girl if I am stressed due to work or whatnot I would want to vent about it , for him all he says is work sucks and gets grumpy. Is this how men usually handle stress? I know its not about me, but I can't help but think this might possibly be a way for him to distance himself from me? I don't know I know deep down that's not true but it pops into my mind from time to time when we don't communicate often... Should I bring it up that it bothers me? (again I believe him when he says he's stressed with the work load etc etc and I don't want to come off as needy or clingy which is why I Haven't said anything) What do you guys think , any advice is appreciated!

Oh and I forgot to mention we've been dating since about November


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  • Men typically like to vent their stress in non-social settings, doing things that occupy their mind or their body. Things such as playing video games, or working out.

    In my case I love working out. Hitting the weights can make even the sh*ttest day into a great day.


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