Ladies, what would your reaction be if on the first date I did this instead of kiss you?

I personally do not kiss on the first date;however, I don't just let her walk away. It might seem kind of odd but I get nothing but good responses from girls that I date for the first time after using this technique.

So were at her door or standing outside of the car. Were having that end of the date conversation and as we say our goodbyes I look deeply into her eyes and I read her body language. If all signs point to a no then I happily respect her decision and give her a hug and/or a kiss on the cheek. If all signs point to a yes then this is where I change it up. I look deeply into her eyes as we both start to lean in for the kiss and keep that eye contact up until she closes hers. Once she does, I divert my head to the right. When this is done they normally freeze in confusion but I'm always ready to catch her because they will sometimes loose their balance. So my head is to the right of hers. I stop suddenly giving her a chance to realize what happened then I whisper into her ear," Goodnight *her name*". Then I play it smooth. I turn my head and give her a kiss on the cheek. Then I just walk away.

What I find this does is leaves them with that tension and makes them want me more. I also think it shows that I care about them enough to save the physical part of the relationship for later. And it shows that I respect them and that I'm not just using them for their bodies. But I mostly do it because-

1) it's fun and they never expect it to happen like that


2) its such a smooth way to end a date.

So tell me ladies, is this a good technique? How would you react? What would you think of me after? Should I keep it or loose it?

Oh and before doing all of this, I make sure that the girl knows I had a great time and that I like her. Just so that she doesn't think I'm not interested in her.


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  • i love that :)

    i know a guy who has a similar personality and does little things like that, that make you think about him more afterward haha. if only I knew if he liked me...


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  • Thats the cutest thing ever! Id love that. Not many guys would be so respectful about the kissing thing. I hope it works for you with that lucky girl:-)

    • Thanks. Oh would you mind taking a look at a situation I'm in with this girl I really like? Just look for it on my profile. Thanks a lot.

  • I think I just fell in love with you. Use that power carefully. You are the first man to make me weak in the knees, and all just by reading that. Wow. I think it's very respectful of you also. I'm sorry if that was a little forward of me, I am a very honest and forward person. Yes, that would work very well on me. And honestly, not a lot of things do, I tend to get the same responses from guys and I do feel like they only want me for my body and that hurts.

    • btw I never kiss on the first date either.

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    • Well let me tell you, you are a rare kind of guy, the kind I would want not only for myself but my daughters- this is future speaking I have no children- to date and even marry. You should be proud to be such a gentleman.

    • Wow I'm flattered. Thanks a lot and I hope you start finding guys that care for and respect you.

  • If you did this to me, a million things would be running through my mind. I'd be wondering why you did that & so on.

  • Just wondering but how would you feel if a girl did this to you? I may have to pick up this trick if you think it'd work in reverse?

    • It would work on me for sure but I would normally be the one pulling it. You just need to watch out because some guys may not like it and might actually take it as an insult, the same way some girls might.

  • that is a great technique :)

    • Thanks. I came up with it while I was trying to find a way to end the date besides a kiss. It's not that I don't like kissing, I just don't on the first date. Like I said, if I date someone it's never for their body. And saving the more physical stuff for later shows that I respect and care for her as a person.

      BTW I'm in a sticky situation with this girl I like and I need more advice on what to do. Just check out tje questions section and tell me what you think I should do. Thanks in advance.

  • Haha.. Good for you.. What amazes me is that your under 18

    • Haha yeah. A lot of people say that. I think it's just that I was raised differently than most people from the U.S. You see here on Guam respetu(respect) is a very basic value that our parents teach us;however, I do think I'm different from most guys here.

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  • not sure why you asked for me to share some of my advice with you... Sounds like you don't need any, You just made me look bad haha. I might have to steal this one

    • Nah man I need your help with my first question. The one that starts with,"I know her parents..." and yeah try it. But make sure that before you do, you tell her that you had a great time, that you like her, and that you want to take her out again some time. I made the mistake of not doing so the first time I tried it and my date thought that the reason I didn't kiss her was that I wasn't interested.