Going to a party tonight with a guy I just met, how do I act?!

I met this guy on the campus bus, he thought he knew me from somewhere, but he got off before we exchanged names. A couple days later he randomly sits near me in the dining hall and we start talking and he asked for my number. Then he invited me to some feminist club thing where he was opening the discussion but I couldn't go.

Just now he legitimately called me and we talked for a little on the phone before he asked me to go to this party with him. However, he won't be drinking because he's not supposed to with the add pills he takes.

My question is, if I want him to think I'm interested in a legit relationship, how do I act at this party? Like, if he makes a move on me, is it acceptable to kiss him our first night going out together? and is it still important to instill a sense of "the chase"? But how do I do that at a party?!

ahh nervous.


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  • act normal and try not to talk alot

  • Talk about something important and look him in the eye, show interest, etc.


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