Why won't he stop playing these childish games??

Me and my ex brokeup over a month ago..but never lost COMPLETE contact.. he's one of my best friends.HE kept on texting and calling me, and asking me y I haven't come over to chll with him by now!wth I'm thinking I'm not going ALL the way there unless we are getting back together! it just seems pointless...the other night we were talking and he said he loves me , and when am I coming over, I said hmm when you INVITE ME!duh,n he asked if I'd slept with anyone else!, I was playin around bein silly sayin maybe and ignoring the question by talking about other things, he got REALLY pissed off and hungup on me, than I texted him no,he called back and I asked he said he hasn't either..but I miss him SO much I'm just tired of these bss games..either he wants me or not! what do you think?

I've tried my BEST to stop talking to him...he kepps on texting me like "good morning" "I have the biggest spirit he's ever felt" w/e that really means..shit about sports and like sexual things I don't even WANNA ask if he's talkin to someone else.
He freaked out because he though my friend was talkin bout him not being a "good guy" when she said nothing lol insecurity! I just didn't respond lol,i just wanna call him and be like what do you REALLY want from me? but I HONESTLY think he's focused HIM


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  • i'm in the same boat right now... only when I ask my girl to hang out she always comes up with excuses why she can't. One Friday she even called to tell me she had nothing to do. When I asked her to do something she said she couldn't because she was too tired. WTF?!? Maybe you can explain that too me.

    • Yes he want's you back, but he doesn't know how to say it. Btwy, if he asks you why haven't we hung out, it's his way of saying that he would like to. He doesn't want to be rejected. You have to show him some interest in giving it another try, give him some hints. If he can't take a hint then forget about it.

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