Do you think something is wrong with me?

I constantly get jealous of things I don't have. Like a big group of friends. Now I got friends but I find them annoying like I don't want to be friends with them.

Before I had a crush and the more he ignored me the more I like him. After I confessed he started to like me but then I found him annoying because he liked me.

Is there is cure for such a "disease"?


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  • The more we have, the less we want it.

    • No.. it's not like that. I want friends but I don't want the ones I have now.

      I used to like my crush, but after knowing his feelings... mine just disappeared...

    • I'm certain everyone my age tells you the same kind of thing, but it's true nonetheless. As long as you keep trying to improve yourself as well as everything around you, things will start to fall into place. You're in a difficult place right now, but it only lasts a few years as a rule. ; - )

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