WHAT does he want from me?

I'll write this from his perspective: OK let's say you met a girl on a party (mutual friends), it got really cute, you danced, kissed, did that thing Eskimos do with their noses for quite a while etc. :3 next day you asked your mutual friend for her number, text her 3 days later, then text NON-STOP for 3 days (fri-sat/sun), suggest to meet up on Monday but go silent on Sunday, don't reply to her last text and do nothing on Monday either.

then when she uploads a photo on Facebook ON Monday (photo of where she was outside with friends) and you "liked" it.

Then a week after she casually likes a link you posted of the movie you two were talking about and that was it. But you keep 'liking' some of her stuff on Facebook, yet you won't talk to her?

Ok back to myself-what should I do? He's the kind of guy that's surrounded by chicks and maybe he just wants the chase? because I don't do that and it's frustrating because I actually still have feeling for him but I don't want to come off as a bimbo.

So basically-what do you think he wants and what should I do?


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  • It doesn't sound like he's that interested. I mean if he was then I think he'd have been spending much more time actually talking to you than liking your stuff on FB. I'd say count your losses and just move on from this one even if you did like him. You can still keep him on FB and whatnot but just don't put your heart into this because I'm afraid it's not going anywhere.

    • i wish I followed your advice to not put my heart into this..he ended up texting me in a week and here I am 6 months later, heart-broken because he was just playing me the whole time.. a lesson lived is a lesson learned.

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  • unfortunately some people are like this. BOTH people can like each other but because of stupid games nothing will ever happen and there isn't anything you can do about it. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move on. I would suggest a simple text or something and tell him that you understand if he has just been busy but you are moving on if he doesn't want to start something. Sometimes people don't realize how distant they are (something I'm going through right now) most of the time it is a waste of your time. Good luck is all I can say.


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