I don't think we are on the same page

me and this guy I like have been talking for 5 months now...it was just casual at first and basically still is right now...of lately I have this feeling that its not going to go any further...i still like him and like to be around him but I don't feel the urge to kiss him...to be honest I was never excited when we make out with( I thought it was because he was inexperienced...but it hasn't changed)...it like I do all the work and he just kisses me and touch me like I'm going to break(I'm not saying that I'm the best kisser ..but I don't feel anything)

lately I have been thinking that I should tell him what's going on with me...when I did he wanted to know where we stand( I told him I like the ways things are ..but I know it bothers him that we aren't boyfriend & gf)...but I don't feel comfortable getting a relationship due to how I feel...he treats us like a legit relationship while I don't...what should I do?...i think it might be best that we just cool it.


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  • At the end of the day you have to go with what your heart tells you. If you want to just cool it then just cool it.


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