Guys-how long will you go w/o contacting a girl you like?

If you like a girl, but she just came out to you how she feels and perhaps it made you think or even yet made you respond in a way that made her think. i.e-admitting to wanting to take things slow, or not wanting anything just yet. How long will it be until you contact her again...


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  • Depends how long we've been friends or have been dating. I've been dating my girlfriend for six months and we communicate daily.

  • Well how long has it been since he's contacted you? How did you talk last...was it on the phone, over text, or on a date?

    Answer those and I'll give you a more specific answer!

    • It was over text and I haven't talked to him since weds

    • Well I actually hate texting. I feel awkward starting texting convos so I normally do not start them. Try texting him about his plans for the superbowl. Guys will love to talk about football. If he responds and is positive then things are still fine. If he turns down a chance to talk about football with a girl then there might be an issue.

      If you have gone on a date before, him waiting this long is a red flag.

      Play it by ear and try the texting thing. Try getting him out on a date

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