What to do after first date? Is he interested?

We went on a date on Thursday evening and he was so lovely. We went for dinner and then he walked me to the train station, we thought I had missed my last train home but when we arrived it was 20 minutes delayed. I said you don't have to stay if you don't want to.. I was just being polite of course I wanted him to wait but maybe I gave him the impression I didn't want him to :(

We had the awkward I had a good night, lots of pauses, obviously both of us trying to decide should we go in for a kiss. He kissed me, it was very brief but awkward because the man working at train station was standing beside us. He said text me when you get home safe, I did saying thank you for dinner, sorry if I was quiet I was really nervous... he said he was the same, that I was welcome for dinner and to have a good nights rest. Its now Saturday evening, if he liked me would he have texted by now?

At times, it appeared he wasn't listening to me when I spoke. Just two/three times for a second or two he would glance over my shoulder and that made me panic and feel awkward. That has to be a bad sign right.. but then if he wasn't interested why kiss me good night and when I text him saying I got home he replied with a kiss on the end.. no mention of another date though :(

He pointed out a movie billboard on way home.. maybe he wants to go or just making conversation
I text him this afternoon. My friend suggested that maybe he thought I wasn't interested. Maybe my nerves gave him the wrong impression. Sent a very simple text saying that I had a good time Abd if he wanted to meet up again to let me know. As of now I've heard nothing Abd I'm gutted. More so because we had a very strong connection before we met so why just ignore me, why not tell me he's not interested.


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  • That is so sweet. :)) Just wait. Maybe, his just busy.

    • Thank you. Yeah he is always busy. We have been exchanging messages for about a week before date and he apologized for not replying quicker but he's so busy with work,college, managing bands etc. And I know he's been doing lots this weekend because he told me his plans for the weekend over dinner.

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